Perky was born during a lunchtime run by the beach. Shannon was enjoying the many benefits in being able to exercise during work hours and thought, why can’t everyone have this option? Turns out, all it takes is a little coaching around the competitive advantages of creating this environment, one that recognizes employees as people and aims to treat them the way they treat their customers. Perky is a culmination of experience working at amazing brands in a contemporary professional world. We’re the chefs in a kitchen of identifying and creating your ideal culture, grabbing spices from here, or zest from there, and using them to influence cultural delicacies catered especially to the tastes of each unique business. We’ve been creating and learning from amazing places to work, while connecting them with loyal fans, for far too long to keep them to ourselves any longer.


Perky, at its core, strives to allow employees the space to do their best work. We live to make your people passionate about the work they do, and in turn, being at work fulfilling and purposeful. We’ve helped companies organize unconventional recruiting events, repurposed office common areas to change the look and feel, and brought an entire office out into the field to help realize the meaning of the work they do everyday. We’re proud to bring our own flare into company culture strategy in every program or event we implement. We strive to make your office a place where people want to be, and your employees proud to be a part of your company.
Coworkers become friends, work becomes rewarding, and offices become expressions. Why would you voluntarily spend roughly 9 hours a day, 5 days a week somewhere without these things? Focus on your culture and improve your bottom line. Get Perky.

Step One

Analysis. We never implement any strategy without polling your people first.

Step Two

Connect. We measure the feedback against our Pillars of Culture and create a unique approach.

Step Three

Innovate. We aim to make big changes quietly and with purpose, as culture is about the collective mindset and attitude of employees.  


Founder + Principal Consultant