Can Work Perks Improve Productivity?

Employee engagement is an ominous term often thrown around by commentators as an all-encompassing way to describe how much or how little employees love their jobs. There’s proof that inspirational leaders, equipped with the proper tools and resources, give way to inspired employees. A holistic approach to building a purposeful and mission-driven culture has proved time and time again to reap highly productive and profitable companies. But, with all of this information and terminology, where do you even begin to create a workplace that employees will love?

Only about 25% of employers currently have an employee engagement strategy. Before we start tackling the baseline approach of how to create and sustain a thriving, productive environment for employees, let’s start with a few easy ways to start thinking in this way.

Here are 3 small investments with a big impact:

  1. Ditch the Strict Nine to Five Life. Unless the nature of your business is an absolute punch in + punch out model, offering employees to work remotely is a cheap, easy way to convey trust and flexibility. For proof, here’s a list of 125 companies that are successfully allowing all employees to work remotely right now
  2. Give Back. Create a program that allows employees to volunteer during a designated few hours of the workday once a quarter. Go one step further and provide a short list of charitable causes that tie back to the mission of your company. Salesforce does this really well, even adding on an extra grant when employees hit a certain amount of hours of volunteer work per year.
  3. Tackle their To-Do Lists. Many employers have gone the Google route and offered up concierge services to alleviate extra stressors from their employees’ day-to-day lives. Understandably, dry cleaning and groceries are the last things that an employee wants todo after a long day at work. This leaves room for them to spend time with families, pursuing hobbies, or finding healthy ways to relieve stress to return the next day refreshed and on the way to inspired.

We want to know — what are some of the ways you’re investing in your company’s culture and employee engagement strategies? Questions, comments, concerns: find us at

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